Bozeman, MT

As you may have seen in today's Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Downtown Business Improvement District launched the Downtown Graffiti Removal Project. A group of team leaders from the Montana Conservation Corps assisted in removing graffiti from the alley south of Main Street between Willson and Tracy avenues. This block contained the highest concentration of graffiti in the entire downtown district.

Permanent ink and paint pen tags were removed from utility control boxes, dumpsters, door and windows. Spray paint tags and murals were successfully removed from a variety of brick walls.

The products and techniques used proved to be very efficient and effective, and will now be implemented to remove graffiti from the remainder of the downtown district over the coming weeks. In regards to the removal of spray paint from brick, which is notoriously the most difficult type of remediation, the product used proved very effective and required minimum use of the power washer other than to rinse the brick clean. This is especially important for use on older more friable brick and mortar. In those cases a longer dwell time allows the solvent to do the work and a very wide angle (i.e. gentle) spray is all that is necessary to clean the product and paint from the brick.

I've included 3 series of photos documenting the removal of 3 different spray paint tags on brick. Each series contains a before, during and after shot.

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