Testimonials for Shadow Max® Graffiti Remover

Testimonials from our customers.

We have incorporated Testimonials from the users of Graffiti Solutions Products into our web site so that you can read and see how well the graffiti removers work in everyday applications for every day people.

Cleaning Technologies LLC

“We have removed literally hundreds of thousands of square feet of graffiti using the suite of removal products from Graffiti Solutions.

Our work horse products are Elephant Snot® and Shadow Max®.
We are so pleased with their effectiveness and our customers love the results.

Your company's customer support is wonderful and we appreciate your shipping support for those emergency projects we get from time to time.

Customer Name: 
LaJeanne C. Frame, President, Cleaning Technologies LLC, Osawatomie, KS

High-Tech Cleaning Company

Customer Name: 
Joel Ciaccio High-Tech Cleaning Company

Saline, MI

"We were called in to work on a high profile cemetery, next to the State Capital, where a number of granite headstones had been defaced with graffiti. Goof Off and a paint stripper from the local home improvement store had already been tried by the maintenance personnel and had left shadows on the headstones. With the use of Elephant Snot® and Shadow Max® we were able to completely restore the headstones. Your guidance and help were invaluable and you were a real gentleman in our dealings with you. Thanks for all your help."

Customer Name: 
Bob Santor, Scrub A Home

Toronto, CN

“By using an application of Elephant Snot® and Shadow Max® we removed graffiti that our competitors said was impossible to do without sandblasting. I couldn't be in business without your products! Thanks!”

Customer Name: 
Brant Clark, Aqua Pressure System

Tradewind Environmental Restoration

“We used the Elephant Snot® and Shadow Max® on a Vietnam War Memorial constructed with very porous marble. It couldn’t have worked out better. The Memorial looks great!.”

Customer Name: 
Chris Walsh, Bayshore, NY